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Llangeview (Llangyfiw)
NP15 1NF


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You’ll find the church at Llangeview down a single-track country lane. In an ancient circular churchyard, it sits softly resplendent.

Its old red sandstone walls are stippled with uneven grains of the sand, from burnished reds and ochres to pools of olive green.

About St David's, Llangeview (Llangyfiw)

The earliest recorded mention of St David’s church is in 1254. However, the almost circular churchyard surrounded by a bank and itself encircled by a ditch suggests occupation of this Monmouthshire site dates far beyond its 13th-century records.

Most the surviving building dates from the 15th century: the windows, the rood beam and loft all date to this century. But if you look carefully on the windowless north wall, you’ll find one stone carved with a Romanesque pattern. The only trace of the older church.

This is ‘a church that the Victorians largely forgot’, and the interior of this tiny church is rich with 18th-century woodwork: box-pews, pulpit, altar rail with twisted balusters, and the larger, commodious squire’s pew in the chancel — all curiously juxtaposed with the medieval rood loft.

The north side of the nave is completely windowless, setting its face against the harsh weather.

St David's, Llangeview
St David's, Llangeview


  • Skeleton of a rood loft from the 1400s
  • 18th century box pews and squire’s pew
  • 18th century altar rail with twisted balusters
  • 18th century ledgerstones in the nave
  • Ancient, possibly pre-Christian churchyard

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