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With your gift, we can stand ready to help our churches in their hour of need.

As an independent, non-denominational charity, we care for 60 redundant places of worship across England and Wales. There are many more that need our help.

We rely on the support of Friends to help us ensure that these irreplaceable buildings — shaped by the hands of countless generations — will survive for countless more generations to come.

These are places where, for centuries, people celebrated and sang, worshipped and worked, where they silently poured out their hopes and fears. They are at the heart of our national and local identity — places where you can hear centuries of faith in the cold stone and feel the slow passing of time.

St Philip's, Caerdeon, Gwynedd

Your gift for the future

Legacies help us provide a future for redundant places of worship. Your legacy gift will help us to save more churches, to retain them as public spaces, and to maintain the churches in our care for those who come after us.

These churches are our humble heritage. They are ancient. They are ours. They are steeped in memory, and the only monument to the lives of hundreds of people that history has forgotten.

Legacies enable us to take on more churches, to help us tackle serious repair projects, and allow us to plan what we can save this year and the next.

Your gift is to future generations, ensuring these places of solace, enjoyment and inspiration will survive.

Friends of Friendless Churches Director, Rachel Morley

McCrindle legacy repairing Boveney

St Mary Magdalene, Boveney is precisely one of the buildings the Friends of Friendless Churches was formed to save. There is no danger of Long Melford or Beverley Minster being pulled down, but Boveney would undoubtedly have been demolished, or would have collapsed, if the FoFC had not saved it.

A legacy from Joseph McCrindle enabled us to complete extensive repairs to the exceptional timber tower here. We could mend the walls and the windows.

This transformed the church into one which was locked, to one which is open daily and is visited and loved by countless people.

McCrindle legacy repairing Boveney
Ongoing repairs: St Cadoc's Llangattock Vibon Avel

Repair needs: Llangattock Vibon Avel

St Cadoc’s, Llangattock Vibon Avel is a rural church with medieval origins. Like most churches, it has enjoyed various iterations throughout the centuries. What survives today is a lavish 19th-century interior with jewel-like stained glass by three Victorian makers at their very best. Yet, all of this is under threat. The church closed for worship in 2019. It needs to be re-roofed, defective drainage is causing the interior to crack and crumble, the tapering Old Red Sandstone tower is eroding fast, and the stained glass is loose and precarious. However, with your support we can take St Cadoc’s into its next century.

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