There’s something in the water at Ynyscynhaearn. Or is it in the air?

In this remote place on a former island in Llyn Ystumllyn, less than a mile from the Bae Ceredigion, people of all backgrounds have been inspired to write and perform poetry, compose haunting melodies, and share their love for Welsh language and literature.

Like John Williams, a blacksmith — and a bard known as ‘Ioan Madog’;

Like David Owen, the young harpist who wrote his last and most famous air, ‘Dafydd y Garreg Wen’, on his deathbed;

Like Ellis Owen, a farmer and antiquarian, who hosted a literary society at his home;

And like Hugh Maurice, a skinner who transcribed Welsh prose and verse and helped to found the Eistedfodd as we know it today.

Learn more about these poets, musicians, and literary champions and their connection to St. Cynhaearn’s church.

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