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The first documentary mention of St Leonard's was in the 1190s, and much of the church fabric - including the partly retooled, partly reset, chancel arch - dates from the twelfth century.

The church was restored in the 19th-century, but by the 1970s was in a state of abandonment.


St Leonard’s is a small church its origins in the 12th century. The nave, and perhaps the friable lias engaged columns on the east wall of the chancel, dates from this time. The west window of the nave has Y-tracery topped with a trefoil, and is believed to be from the 13th century.

Evidence of the 14th-century is found in the Decorated cinquefoil windows to the north and south of the nave, and in the door surround to the narrow north door. The north door itself dates from 1535 and is carved from oak. Some fragments of 15th-century stained glass survive in the upper reaches of the tracery in the north nave windows, but most of the surviving glass is 19th and 20th century.

In the 18th century the northwest corner of the nave was rebuilt in brick. The village of Spernall was well-known for the production of stone, brick and plaster, so no doubt it was local pits that produced the materials for this church over the centuries.

In 1835, panelling was introduced to the interior. This is delicately and sparsely carved with vines, lilies, books, and a chained ‘SL’ monogram for St Leonard, the patron saint of prisoners. The pulpit, of a similar design, may date from this time too.

In 1844, the church was restored. The bellcote, porch and chancel received most of the work. In particular, the chancel gained a wheel east window with spokes of miniature columns.


St Leonard's, Spernall, Warwickshire (7)
St Leonard's, Spernall, Warwickshire (7)


  • North door of 1535
  • Fragments of 15th-century stained glass
  • Decorative panelling of 1835
  • Romanesque (or recut Romanesque) engaged columns on the east elevation
  • Wheel window of 1844 with miniature columns

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