Heritage Open Days / Drysau Agored

Although most of our churches are open daily, Heritage Open Days give Local Friends the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge with visitors, serve and sell refreshments, give talks and tours and other special events to celebrate their church.  We are very grateful to them for all they do.

In England, Heritage Open Days runs from Thursday 8th  – Sunday 11th September and Ayshford chapel, Mundon, Boveney and Milland are all open on these dates during daylight hours (from 10am).   Caldecote Church (pictured right) will be open from 12-5pm on Sept 11th, with volunteer guides on hand, and refreshments available, Matlock Bath Chapel on 10th Sept, 2-4.30pm, Wickham Bishops Old St Peter on 9th & 10th Sept 10-4pm and Wood Walton Church will be welcoming visitors on Sunday 11 September, from 2pm-5pm.

Long Crichel Church (soon to be included on our website) is open Sat 10 Sept: 10-5pm.

Caldecote Church

Drysau Agored (Open Doors Wales)

Llanfaglan ChurchLlanfair Kilgeddin Church

In Wales Drysau Agored runs throughout September and most of our churches are open during daylight hours.  Special openings are held at: Llanfaglan Church (pictured top left) where members of the local history society, Cymdeithas Hanes y Tair Llan, will be there to welcome visitors on Sun 4th Sept, 1-4pm, Sat 10 Sept 1-3pm and Sun 11 Sept 1-4pm; at Llanfair Kilgeddin Church (pictured bottom left) open Sat 11th Sept 11-5pm and Penmorfa Church on 3-4th Sept, 10-6pm.

Local Friends will be greeting visitors to Tremaen Church on 28th Sept-1st Oct, 2-5pm with refreshments and an exhibition of textiles by West Wales Contemporary Quilters, and at Ynyscynhaearn Church on  3rd-4th Sept, from 2-4.30pm.