Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Life has been surreal for most of us these past weeks. Following the most recent advice and the need to “flatten the curve” of the rate of infection, we have made a few changes to how we work in order to play our part.

Our greatest duty is to our volunteers, visitors and staff.

We are adopting the Government’s advice and now working from home. Our office line has been re-directed, so please do continue to use our usual phone-number (0207 236 3934) if you need to speak to us.

Many of our volunteers are in the older age bracket and may be more vulnerable at this time. We are in the process of speaking to all our volunteers, to ensure that they remain safe and do not take any unnecessary risks in caring for their churches. We are also offering any personal support that we can.

Unfortunately, events and services at several of our churches have had to be cancelled; where and when possible, these will be re-arranged.

We are proud to employ many small businesses throughout England and Wales. We are asking them to email - rather than post - any outstanding invoices to us, so we can process payment quickly and try to help their cashflow.

People who have purchased new memberships may need to wait a little longer to receive their welcome pack. We have prepared an electronic pack so those new members don’t miss out, and when it is safe to return to the office, we will post out packs.

We ask members and those taking out new memberships to choose different payment methods, and suggest using PayPal on our Join Us page here, or if preferred, bank transfer (email for details) rather than sending us a cheque.

If you do send a cheque for a membership or donation, we may not be able to acknowledge or bank it for some time – we appreciate your patience.

For those who are alone, working from home or self-isolating, we will continue to provide great content over our social media channels - if you need to escape from the news. Do come and chat to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn - as always, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay safe
The FoFC team