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saving-churchesTo celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2007, we published a history and an account of all our churches, written by Matthew Saunders our Director and lavishly illustrated with full page photographs of each church.

The book is hardback, and runs to 124 pages with full colour illustrations. It includes a Forward by HRH the Prince of Wales and an Introduction by Sir Simon Jenkins.

“…We believe that churches are the most precious of all building types. They were constructed to the glory of God, are witnesses to life’s principal rites of passage and many house supreme expressions of human genius…. And aside from the visual pleasure and reassurance that they offer, the musings in the visitors book show just how valued they are as places to sit, reflect and tease out problems, be they overwhelming or just niggling.  As one person wrote in one of them:

‘How can this church be friendless? I have been here an hour, seen no-one but felt as if I have communed with the thousands who have worshipped here for centuries.’

And thousands is not hyperbole. One of our churches (Milland in Sussex) has a window that may predate the Norman Conquest.”

from ‘Why We Do,  What We Do’ by Matthew Saunders


Matthew Saunders

Written by Matthew Saunders, the  Director of the Friends of Friendless Churches


Simon Jenkins

Introduction by Sir Simon Jenkins.


Prince of Wales

Foreward by HRH The Prince of Wales

The book has sold out!

Due to popular demand, Saving Churches has now sold out, and is available only from second hand book sellers such as Abe Books.